2021 is here and like many of us. It symbolizes a new beginning. This year in particular is very special for us here at I Love LA Girls Fashionables as we celebrate our 5 year anniversary. We have found ourselves in a interesting position in recent times as we all are looking for anything that makes us smile or laugh and even give us hope for a better tomorrow.


With that being said, this year we wanted to help Spread love in a way that was authentic and true to our core following. Last year we launched a project called Spread Love. With this we were able to identify a opportunity that allowed us to get our customers involved in a good cause, while strategically raising money to purchase goods for care packages to help feed 100 families. This is a milestone and we want to thank you in helping create a difference in our community.


Also for the rest of 2021 we have pledged for every Spread Love Shirt purchased, A Spread Love Tee will be donated to a person in need. We are excited to help give clothes to the homeless but we wanted to make it clear what this was about! “We want to feed the streets, and help in as many ways that we can.” as quoted by our founder Jo LuQ’.



Finally, Spread Love was started with you, so it’s only right we give back to the reason why we are here!  With that said we invite you in a chance to win a gift box every first Saturday of the month starting February 6th. These special Saturday’s are called “Spread Love Saturday’s”  Its our special way to celebrate the 5 years we’ve been servicing the community. What you can expect are virtual contests and giveaways and more!!


Stay tuned as we have a year of surprises and plenty of new releases for you to commemorate this milestone. We couldn’t have done any of this without you! Thank you for inspiring us to BE PROUD.


Image by Victor Cruz

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