Our Mission


I Love LA Girls Fashionables was established in 2016 with just one shirt and one design. Once launched we knew our Mission was to Empower Women, while injecting as much LOVE into Humanity as a whole. This was executed by way of high quality, lifestyle clothing products that INSPIRE people everywhere, and via Philanthropy efforts. We have always wanted all people to be PROUD of themselves, others, their place of origin, or current location/communities. For us, it has always been important to show the world that LOVE is not just attached to our brand name, however utilized in a most responsible and effective way.

When Founder Jo LuQ created the original design, he immediately wanted the brand to have sustainability and scalability. By ensuring that the brand was not just a novelty item, but novelty and lifestyle all in one. That carries a value, flare, and excitement all races, ethnicities can wear in all environments. The original vision of the brand was built on a concept centered around The City of Los Angeles, but just like the shirt, this was only the beginning. With that, we currently have plans to Spread our LOVE and product offerings to as many Cities, States, and Regions as possible. In closing, this brand was created to not only Empower Women, but to invoke a sense of pride about where we all come from or where we all dream to go. Therefore, no matter what race, color, creed you are, our Mission is for you to BE PROUD/BE INSPIRED through I Love LA Girls Fashionables.



We have limited edition releases that drop pretty frequently. If by chance you are looking for something  that you are not able to find in our catalog, please drop a quick message below or email us at biz@ilovelagirls.com with a request and picture of the item and we will do our very best to get you the item. No guarantees but it’s definitly worth a try. Thank you for choosing I Love LA Girls Fashionables.

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