Team I Love LA Girls hosting at The Study in Hollywood

Everyone who has followed our movement knows that the summer has been our favorite time of the year! So much so we built a campaign around our biggest releases called "sweetsummer". This year we are taking it to a new level to show how much we grown since we first started in 2015.

As we continue to explore our new premium lifestyle collection which we introduced this past spring, we've leveled up with a massive 2 day photoshoot shot by the very talented Edgar Olazaba of The Red Wall (also its featuring the ever so lovely Jazmine Graham). We were able to almost squeeze everything that we are planning to release for the rest of the year, but had so much ground to cover we kept some surprises for some of our loyal customers.


Photos and products are only the beginning of sweetsummer17. Last year one of our catch phrases was #jointhemovement, this year we are asking you to #supportthemovement as we kick off our very first kickstarter campaign. With your help of a donation, you will help us manufacture, distribute, and promote our new releases throughout 2018. Stay tuned for a special video and announcement coming sooner than you think.

We are more than a shirt, more than a logo, we are the embodiment of the LA lifestyle, don't miss a beat this year and sign up for our mailing list has tripled in size just over the past year.  Thank you again for all of your continued support and we hope you enjoy sweetsummer17. 





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