If you are one of many of the faithful that have been following #teamILoveLAGirls this past summer you seen our very first campaign since we've launched called #sweetsummer16. Thanks to folks like yourself it was a big hit with some of our most popular releases to date. As the summer simmered down our last two releases didn't see the sun and we wer t quite able to squeeze them into our growing catalog of collections. So instead we are excited to announce that we are rolling them out for a special fall release. Details are top secret to everyone else but insiders but we will be making an announcement later this month when #teamILoveLAGirls takes over the airwaves with GenU Radio which is hosted by comedian Courtney Black and the very talented Scottie Trippn and more!!! Make sure tune in and listen to interviews from our very own MMA Fighetr and actor Ken Glover, actor Duane Finley best known for "The Wood", R&B group Pharoah, singer/model Jazmin Graham and our founder Jo LuQ' will be in the building as well. As we approach the close of 2016 and start prepping for spring 2017 we can't express enough of how thankful for all of your support!! With everything that is going on in a world full of hate, why not show a little bit of love. That's why we do it the best way we know how, we show love to the beautiful women and men of Los Angeles. Please continue to help us spread the word by telling your friends and family. And don't forget to follow our new fb page and store!www.ilovelagirls.com

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