The ownership and growth of Billionaire Burger Boyz has been one of the brightest lights to shine for Black owned business in California in recent times. The whole United States will soon find out just how good a Big Brutus Burger with a side of jambalaya fries. If you get served by, Derrick Bivens who is better known as, “Chef Soulo”, he may serenade you with his singing ability, if you make a special request of course. 


The man behind Billionaire Burger Boyz, started his journey to success through music. His talent to have a incredible tenor voice on top of his ability to cook should be recognized. For a long time there was several things that would let you know Chef Soulo was open for business in your area. The aroma of the food on the grill while he was cooking, the music he would play while cooking or serving food to the community, all while in his signature San Francisco Forty Niners snapback. Chef has definitely put in his share of work in the city of Los Angeles to Vegas and beyond.

For a while, Chef Soulo was indeed solo, but then came a gentleman that would inject energy and soul into the Billionaire Burger Boyz brand. Professional BBQ trained chef, David lee Kitchen came with his own style, flavor, and self belief in his ability to help build the vision that loyal followers have become accustomed to today with the Billionaire Burger Boyz. Although he’s better known as “SmokeHouse Lee”, he brought some very delicious menu choices that you would love. The before mentioned jambalaya loaded fries  has always been one of our personal faves.  This dish in particular highlights how SmokeHouse Lee has a way of bringing out a unique flavor to his food. Just as Chef Soulo, Smokehouse Lee was solo with his own food business and working for well known established restaurants but would later partner up with Chef Soulo

Along this journey, a confident, caring, and smart woman joined along the duo to make Billionaire Burger Boyz exceptional. I am speaking of Jennifer Johnson, the Billionaire Burger Girl who is also known as, “Jenni Jenn” to close followers of BBB. She is the head of Human Resources and Catering Director for the team. Her leadership & positive attitude is needed to give the brand a sense of direction. She is doing a lot of the work behind the scenes and pulling strings that you may not necessarily see, but you are definitely feeling her impact. Jenni Jenn is on top of it! 


It was Love at first bite for I Love LA Girls, when we first crossed path a few years back with BBB at Mingles Tea Bar in Inglewood. Since then we have crafted a exciting collaboration releasing July 18th. (Make sure you read more about the pop up details and Lunch with EJ contest here)


Although they now have a brick and mortar location in Compton they have a truck that hauls the flavor on road trips to Hollywood, Santa Monica and a truck also in Las Vegas. In a matter of hours of them announcing the location on Instagram (@billionaireburgerboyz) food would sell out to large lines waiting for a taste of the reputation the Billionaire Chefs have built over time.

Make sure you follow them and try everything on the menu, seriously it’s that good! 


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