Chicago Princess Turned L.A. Queen

              Featuring Lauren Los Angeles


Written by: Quan Chandler #BigHomieQuan


Originally known as “Lauren Chitown,” Lauren came a long way from where she began in Illinois. From her time in Maryland, Mexico, and ending up in California,  her name also transitioned to something that has seem to stick- “Lauren Los Angeles.” On the surface, Lauren may look and seem like her first love is within the entertainment industry, however, only her true followers who have engaged in her journey know where her heart lies-Healthcare. She is determined to achieve the success of being a Black woman physician and her drive transcends from the legendary women who came before her. Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Joycelyn Elders, and Alexa Canady are a few of the many names that precede Lauren Los Angeles and her goals that she wants to achieve in medicine. Currently, she has led a path of bringing together entertainment and medicine through her acts of working with non-profit entities to bring free healthcare to Guatemala and Mexico and with her work at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in various leadership roles. Lauren’s beginnings of integrating healthcare and entertainment stemmed from her assisting the Association of Black Women Physicians as an Event Coordinator for their annual gala fundraiser and in co-authoring a grant to create a farmers’ market in South Central Los Angeles. 



Lauren is focused on making healthy lifestyle behaviors a part of social media culture: Her work with the Amber Rose Foundation and Amber Rose SlutWalk, being the featured billboard model for AHF’s “Reducing the Stigma” campaign, and her event-planning background with Los Angeles’ physicians, lawyers, and politicians allows Lauren to reach a diverse audience and inspire those in all industries. Her most recent involvement with Grapevite has molded Lauren into a marketing genius and as a force to be reckoned with.


Lauren’s work ethic is undeniable, as is her stunning beauty inside  and outside. Lauren brings a sense of uniqueness and rareness that leads us to see her as a modern day Wonder Woman for the city of Los Angeles and underserved communities. The Chicago-raised woman turned Purple and Gold Los Angeles Queen has much more success coming her way, and I Love L.A. Girls will be with her every step of the way as she represents the brand and our mission. 


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