7 Benefits of Gratitude

Thanksgiving just passed and I must say for myself it was one of the most successful in recent years for me and my family. Maybe it was the food, however none of the items on the menu have changed. Maybe it was the fact that Uncle June’s favorite football team actually won this year, or maybe...just maybe I was grateful more than ever to be surrounded by my family.

“Feeling Gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it” - William Arthur Ward

Gratitude: Some have more, some have less, and some of us even have a special way to show it. But it is definitely something that is essential to the quality of the life that we live. If we can’t appreciate the little things how can we enjoy some of the bigger things that we receive in life. Before reading any further just take a moment to just think of 3 things that you are grateful for. Were you able to come up with 3, hopefully so, but if not that’s fine as well. The challenge is to find something to be grateful for in the most difficult situations. This creates that silver lining on your clouds on a rainy day.

Sometimes we lose sight on the things that we have and take them for granted. In today’s age where we are taught that more is better, sometimes we need to be reminded that everything we need is right here, right now. The article below from “Time” magazine identifies 7 health benefits of Gratitude. It’s really good read and I assure you afterwards you’ll be “grateful” we recommended it to it you.


7 Benefits of Gratitude

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