2020, a year of expanding our vision 



To say our company had a successful year would be a understatement. Our business ventures with our partners continue to push our goal to be a cornerstone in LA Culture and our community. In 2019 our new brand ambassadors and executives championed our motto “ Be Proud, Be Inspired” on multiple levels. We also have a ton of new people who have joined our movement and contributed to our growth, so we will first recap some of our journey over the past year and tell you some of the exciting things to expect in 2020. 
Enhancing the customer experience is something that we take pride in and continue to work on daily. When we first started I Love LA Girls Fashionables focusing on the quality of our products was key, however we recently have been able to treat the way we deliver our premium products equally. Our flagship Blackout Collection was released  more than 3 times this past year and easily became a best seller. It was also the first product to be delivered in our new packaging. The feedback was great as all eyes were on the receiving end of that package. One customers response was “It just feels special.”

Speaking of  our Blackout  Collection we wanted to quickly thank you for making it our top seller for all of 2019. If you have followed us from our launch our logo can be found in a two color silhouette. Two years ago we released a re imagined version in white, and in black the next. These two limited edition pieces have dominated our sales and made hoodie season year round. Being that it is a seasonal piece they are no longer available at the moment, but definitely feel free to inquire, very limited inventory is left.


For this year we are definitely looking at spreading our legs and getting outside of California. One of our partners that we will be collaborating with later this year will be unveiling a collection that has been a year and a half in the making. Look for a huge announcement later this year as we plan to roll out this release in special locations outside of California. 


To date we have 5-6 surprise releases scheduled for the entire year, the first arriving in this month, February for Valentines Day. We are excited to bring you a collection that was truly inspired by the Hollywood lifestyle. Keeping our releases to scale allow us to be authentic and remain timeless. Just as the city reinvents itself so do we in the same form. 


What we believe is LA needs is more of love now more than ever. With the losses of Los Angeles Legends like Nipsey Hussle and Kobe Bryant, we are deeply saddened, but even more inspired to push forward with our vision for the world to get a taste of LA.



 We are happy to be here to service you for another, year and many more to come. Please continue to support and share our vision with your friends and family. We cannot thank you enough. 


By: Laquan D. Chandler also known as Big Homie Quan

Edited & Revised by: J.LuQ‘

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