I Love LA Girls Fashionables:

With the summer season approaching quickly, "I Love LA Girls" has been preparing new additions and color ways to its growing collection. The big difference here is the pieces are tailored specifically to help you beat the heat this year!


"The summer is the perfect excuse to just throw on a tank top or a tee and hit the beach on a given day in LA." -Jo LuQ'

We are putting some of the best talent and visuals together to create the "fun" that the brand was inspired by since its start. Our ambassadors and newest addition to #TeamILoveLAGirls is upcoming Los Angeles based R&B group "Pharoah" and will be heavily involved in helping us spread the word and be the focus of the campaign along with distinguished and undisputed MMA fighter Ken Glover, the beautiful model and singer Jazmine Graham and more. Our demographic is very broad, which is something we are very proud of. We have included that same diversity amongst our brand ambassadors and sponsors listed below:

Ken Glover

Renowned MMA Fighter
Jazmine Graham



Proudly introducing "Pharoah"

Alyssa Elle

Aileen Cee

Along with bringing some of our most popular brand ambassadors we have done an absolute overhaul on the "I love la guys/I Love LA girls" tees as well as tanks that we currently have available.

We are launching the I love la guys tanks and tees summer collection with new color ways that are sure to catch plenty of attention.

Our snapbacks were released early just to kick off the campaign and get the ball in motion for sweetsummer16. They have been released for a little over a month now and we are nearly half way through our inventory. But that's no surprise, our snapbacks did the exact same thing in December of last year

Along with the newest addition of pieces and exciting color ways to LA Girls we have also made strategic partnerships and collaborations to broaden the range and reach of our brand

HDLV: I Love LA Girls and HDLV have partnered up to bring you the "I Love Cali" collection available exclusively at HDLVusa.com 6/1/2016

UrbanXklusives: Is the premier website for everything fashion and more!! UXK and Team LAGIrls will be carrying the load for all social media blitzing and promotions.

4th of July Sale: Details are not available at this point but seeing that this day usually consist of picnics and recreation our tees are the perfect weekend warrior wear for this holiday. So what we are going to do is offer our customers specials on our tees tanks, and snapbacks at a discount.

To wrap everything up you can look below for a tentative schedule of upcoming events listed below. Thank you all so much for your continued support and suggestions. Please help us spread the excitement as the movement grows, and don't forget to #beproud #beinspired

- I Love LA Girls Fashionables

•6/1/2016: HDLV "ILOVECALI" official release
•6/4/2016: I Love LA Girls Official Photoshoot
•6/8/2016: ?????
•6/20/2016: ??????
•7/1/2016-7/4/2016: LA Girls Release/4th of July special
•7/17/2016: ?????
•7/30/2016: ??????
•8/8/2016: ?????
•8/22/2016: ??????
•9/1/2015: ??????
•9/10/2016: ??????

About "I Love LA Girls Fashionables"

I Love LA Girls is a hip trendy, fashionable brand with more than a catchy name. Originally a song written by Los Angeles songwriter Jo LuQ' which was inspired by the beautiful women and sun in Southern California. Jo then went a step further and designed a dynamic logo and partnered with PasadenaISH. Their mission was one thing and that was to specifically capture one thing that everybody loves about LA; the women. With that said , it doesnt matter if your from the busy streets of Chicago and New York or a kid in Tokyo or France. You can be Proud and Be Inspired by LA Girls. Because lets be honest everybody loves an LA Girl!!!

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