Meeting EJ The DJ for the first time reminds you as if you met a hard working running back who just finished having a strong football season. Now, he is ready to sign his new contract to make millions and not disappoint his coaches to win the championship. EJ embodies greatness in every facet. He is invigorated with passion, determination, and awareness. As a young father, he extends that same love and integrity to his wife and children that keeps him going. His work schedule isn’t perfect, between dj’ing and late night jobs , he makes sure that education is still a priority. Currently, he is in school to obtain his degree in television production.


The stories you learn about his past and current relationships in the entertainment industry makes you sit up straight in your lounge chair and you are hanging on the edge of your seat for more. EJ, has a extensive history of Dj’ing for various events, radio stations, concerts, and music artists. His DJ experience should be written in a book and sold as a best seller, EJ knows his work ethic and the daily regime he proceeds with to succeed. His bond with Watts Stix has opened doors for the both of them to work with TDE (Top Dog Entertainment) on various projects.


For the current success EJ The DJ has had, it was shocking to find out that he didn’t have a brand backing him or endorsing him. Several companies use the revolving door and didn’t commit to this gentleman. Through several meetings, conversations, and a commitment that took place live on Wednesday night’s radio show, The Takeover on Accelerated Radio. EJ The DJ and I Love L.A. Girls had come together and I Love L.A. Girls made him their first official Brand Ambassador. EJ, has represent the I Love L.A. Girls Brand in strong consistency and the endless future possibilities are to come. Lastly, since he EJ The DJ was born and raised in Watts, don’t be surprised to see a I Love Watts Girls soon. Stay tuned for more from EJ and #teamilovelagirls



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Quan Chandler


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