I Love LA Girls Fashionables is a small company based in the heart of Los Angeles but is slowly expanding outside of the large city to explore the rest of the world.

We are well on our way to becoming a part of LA pop culture. Please help us celebrate our future along with helping us pay homage to some of our roots with our newest campaign #sweetspring17. This past month as we finalized the visuals for this campaign we had chance to reflect on things that make Spring so sweet for Los Angelinos.

sweetspring17. is a prelude to our summer campaign: sweetsummer17. We couldn't squeeze all of our big releases into the summer and with our brand rapidly growing we seen a opportunity to premier some of our lifestyle pieces and revisit some of our classic tees in limited releases this spring.

The weather is always a factor when we all get together and discuss new additions to our catalog. This year Spring has been very mild to say the least. Allowing us to introduce some new pieces to fit your day to day lifestyle. Release details won't be available to the general public, so make sure you join our mailing list and don't miss any news and promotions.






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