To whom it may concern:





Everyone deserves to be loved. Regardless of ethnicity, sex orientation, religious freedom/practice, weight, age, disability, and or any conditions. This is why our brand has chose to recommit to make LOVE a core part of our movement. As the weeks have passed our team as all of you have coped with a new reality that feels all to familiar. Our families have been impacted directly by all current events on many levels. Our stance remains the same on social issues, we encourage each and everyone of you to BE PROUD of who you are, and BE INSPIRED to be the best version of you. 



When we truly LOVE ourselves, we can openly love one another. When we LOVE and its outspoken. We are able to LOVE together as one movement spreading LOVE without hesitation. We are able to care more often about the issues we all face. We are able to erase all the systematic stereotypes, unequal treatment, and bring people together in a movement brought to you by the word, LOVE. The work to make the dream possible it starts with uniting together to bring consistent results for change and reform to thrive. 


“Since now more than ever, the world needs LOVE to help bring people together. With that we see all types of races & people of various backgrounds are doing there part these days to accomplish  this. So at this time we feel it's our duty to assist in spreading LOVE throughout the world, since our brand is about everyone & LOVE all in one. Therefore we'd sincerely like you to join us in pushing our SPREAD LOVE MOVEMENT, to help bring a more healthier current to a future society!!“ 


Thank You


I Love LA Girls Fashionables LLC

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