Inglewood always up to everything good

Written By: Quan Chandler #Teamilovelagirls




One of the most famous references to the city of Inglewood, is, “Inglewood, they always up to no good.” this Dr. Dre lyric from the song California Love has been the permanent stigma about Inglewood. Continuous changes to the cities infrastructure, landscape, and entertainment offerings that are part of the many strides in the right direction. Opportunities like Melanin Market L.A. adds to the new breath of life to The Wood. Since their first event in March, the buzz with M.M.L.A. is growing and they are maximizing the Century Community Charter School in Inglewood. I Love L.A. Girls Fashionables has built a following in the city of Inglewood due to events with Mingles Tea Bar and with the Inglewood High School Dancing Angels. 


Accepting the invitation to be a vendor at the Melanin Market was amazing for both parties. EThe DJ, our brand ambassador paid a visit to our pop up and got a chance to get up close and personal with fans/event attendees. Alyssa Angela of Inglewood HS Dancing Angels was also in attendance sporting her I Love Inglewood Girls tee. Alyssa is so proud of her city and Inglewood High. She actually contributed to the creation of this whole idea as well. With that said, our goal was to organically tap into the City of Champions by doing more than just fine tuning our logo. So, we added a green tint, which we never added to any tee. Then fully decked out the Inglewood Dancing Angels in an exclusive release last year.



Fast forward to the event that took place on Memorial Day weekend everything comes full circle.

  We had a chance to meet many great black owned businesses at the Melanin Market L.A. event such as: Blk Coffee Company, Erybody Eats by Chef B, Sincerely Naas, Pipe Dreams Apparel, and G.H.E.T.T.O./Neosf by Your Girl Neeko. We look forward to coming back to a Melanin Market event to be a vender and have a great opportunity to expand our horizons.



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