Andre is talented with a pen, and he has crafted his own lane with his sound. It goes deeper than just his melodies and cadence. His ear has allowed him to separate himself from others. Take a listen to his new single Focus, Andre is smooth and keeps it player but brings it all together with Afrobeats to make this one perfect for the club or the ride. The combination makes for a hot record and even hotter video

When he’s not making moves with his Slide, he’s making moves with the crew. Just listen to “Read & Blue” by Dayone. Here Dre takes the backseat and let’s Dayone verses shine. Aro plays co pilot but the hook makes this song an instant bop (Did we forget to mention we make a great cameo in the video coming soon.) Coming from a talented family his mother, famous actress Dwan Smith has passed on multiple gems that Andre channels on so many levels. Just ask our CEO.  When we spoke to Jo LuQ’, we asked him to recall how it was to work with Andrewriter. He said “The first time I connected with Andre in the studio he was in beast mode. Engineering, producing, did I mention he was doing all of this from the booth. I don’t think there’s not a single thing he can’t do.” 

Music is definitely in our DNA, and that has been the foundation of our partnership. We are excited for what he has coming for all of us in the future. 

Although he is just returning from a press run in Atlanta,  the future looks bright for the young artist. Stay tuned for more but for now you can find Andre Writer's music on all outlets like Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, or Youtube. 

Click the link to see his newest video “ Ain’t New To Me.

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